When people say they need to talk about something but don’t know where to start, I generally say, “Start in the middle and just jumble it. And if you don’t get it across right the first time, you can try again.” Sort it as you go. The main thing is to just get it out. Time to take my own advice.

The question becomes ‘who am I’, a really over-rated question. The important part isn’t WHAT the answer is, but rather, the simple act of knowing. And its important to consider that we ARE defined by what we do and say, not by what we think. A kind person isn’t the one who ‘thinks’ about being kind. It’s the person who actually behaves with kindness. So where does that leave me? Ha! Now it gets fun. Perception is the functional aspect of reality. MY reality about who I am does not match everyone elses. Each person in my life would tell a different story regarding me. The truth of the matter is I am who they say I am ‘in their reality’.

Now might be a good time to state that I am not bound by the worry of ‘what will they think of me’. I’ve always been of the opinion that as long as I am being true to my own principles and goals I can go to sleep at night not caring if someone thinks I’m a terrible person. Seriously, I don’t give a flying duck…  Of course I want those that are closest to me to think well of me. But that’s a self resolving problem. By living my life guided by my own principles, I find myself walking WITH like-minded companions. The reality of those closest to me will naturally be much closer to the reality I percieve for myself.

So who am I? I am who I have become, through my words and actions. I will be continually defined as I move through my life, one day at a time. Today I’m the woman who has set her foot on a new path of expression. Hold on to your seats. This could be a bumpy ride!